Executive Overview

Work standards, regarding both collector conduct and the manner in
which account actions must be documented, are communicated to
all Summit employees. Summit takes great pride in it's reputation
and the client goodwill we have carefully nurtured.

Accordingly, we insist on nothing less than professional conduct
from our employees.
Specialists in Account Collection Techniques
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Customer Care
Experience has taught Summit that open communication ranks
second only to high quality collection results in fostering successful
long term client relationships. To better serve our clients, Summit
  • Address client questions in a timely manner
  • Assist clients in resolving any issues
  • Develop positive working relationships

Summit considers "Customer Care" to be a significant benefit you
will not find in other collection agencies. Summit will provide the
following support:

  • All correspondence will be addressed within 48 hours.
  • All inquiries will be acknowledged within 24 hours.
  • Summit will promptly respond to any issue raised,
    including performance and account status.
  • All required reporting will be submitted on a monthly basis.
Summit believes that in order to be effective, delinquent accounts
must be pursued in an organized and timely manner. Our goal is to
ensure the immediate collection of all assigned accounts while
adhering to Local, State and Federal regulations. The procedures
used by Summit in collecting accounts, are in strict accordance with
the ethics and standards established by the
American Collectors
, and in adherence with the Fair Debt Collection
Practices Act.

Summit understands the need to maintain a positive public image
for our clients. As such, all efforts are targeted toward maintaining
account holder goodwill and preventing our clients from
experiencing any negative feedback as a result of our
representation. Our clients can be assured that, as in your collection
service provider, Summit will take every possible measure to
maintain goodwill and nurture your positive public image.

We are pleased to provide the following overview of our collection
approach, service and tools.
Telephone Communications
The Summit Collection Specialist is required to obtain profile
information on the first contact with the account holder, or note that
his/her information request was refused. Our Collection Specialists
use the standard list of questions to obtain information regarding
the account holder and his/her assets. The account holder profile is
used by Summit to determine an account's collectibility. This
information also assists Collection Specialists when determining
appropriate amounts for partial payments. Information obtained for
the account holder's profile includes:

  • Address and telephone verification
  • Employment Status
  • Place of employment and telephone number
  • Spouse's place of employment
  • If unemployed, current source of income
  • Bank used for checking and savings accounts
  • Existence of Visa and/or Mastercard Accounts
Written Communications
Skiptracing Procedures
If a valid telephone number and/or address is not provided, standard
skiptracing activities will commence. Summit's extensive skiptracing
capabilities enable us to skiptrace on a national level. Summit
Collection Specialists have access to a number of online lookup
tools to assist in locating an account holders new telephone
number and address listing. Collection Specialists also have the
ability to obtain updated address information using online access to
credit bureaus. Summit regularly accesses the following information
sources when conducting skiptracing activities:

  • Computerized Databases
  • Credit Reporting Agencies
  • Tax Assessor Information
  • Account Holder's Past & Present Employers
  • Account Holder's Spouse, Relatives and Neighbors
Summit has the ability to report delinquent accounts to Credit
Bureaus. Having your accounts listed on a Credit Bureau increases
the probability of payment as time passes.
Litigation Capabilities
Summit can litigate accounts in all venues across the nation through
a network of attorneys. These attorneys are informed of applicable
state and local regulations and specialize in collection litigation.
Summit endeavors to engage attorneys who are not only adept at
resolving accounts through suit, but who are also capable of
bringing about amicable settlements prior to litigation.
Information Systems

Credit Bureau Reporting
To manage and organize our business, Summit utilizes a PC based
collection system designed by Comtronic Systems Incorporated.

Debtmaster allows Summit to manage all types of accounts, any
number of clients, accounts and debtors, with unlimited growth

Reporting Capabilites

Summit is committed to working in partnership with our clients to
meet all account information needs. We offer our clients
comprehensive reporting capabilities. Our reporting goal is to
ensure that our clients receive the accounts status and collection       
progress that they need. To maintain open communication and clear
understanding of your account collection status, Summit will
generate the following reports:

This report lists all accounts entrusted to Summit for Collection. The
New Accounts Acknowledgement Report is designed to enable our
clients personnel to reconcile their transmittal controls. The report
will be issued no later than ten days after each placement is entered.

This report records the following data for each account holders

The performance report is designed to reflect Summit's collection
performance for each month/year in which you place accounts. The
Performance Report can be generated monthly at the client's

The Active Accounts Report illustrates the current months activity as
well as the summary status of each account including amount

The Closed/Returned report lists all accounts that were either
closed by Summit or returned at the request of our client. The
Closed/Returned Report is designed to specify the reason each
account was closed or returned. It can be generated on a monthly
basis by Summit assigned client number.


Summit is committed to serving as your partner in establishing a
results-driven account management and recovery operation.
Summit understands your financial objectives and is prepared to
implement a recovery program designed to achieve them. Summit
dedicates itself to delivering complete client service and satisfaction.
We recognize that in order to maintain our position as an industry
leader, we must strive not only to provide the highest quality service
but to build strong client relationships.

At Summit, we believe that the only proof of ability is results. Our
experience and dedication to collection performance perfectly
positions us to deliver superior results for our clients. Summit is the
right choice because we offer:

Nationwide Collection Capability
From it's Hohokus, New Jersey location, Summit can effectively
collect accounts anywhere in the United States. Summit utilizes
national skip tracing and credit bureau databases which allow us to
locate debtors nationwide. Summit also utilizes a nationwide
network of specially chosen attorneys in the event legal action
becomes necessary.
Summit Collection Services Inc. is a full service, third party collection
agency dedicated to providing
Prompt Professional Collection
. Summit's success rests on the ability to offer our clients
comprehensive services, designed to meet specific recovery goals.

Summit is experienced at providing quality account management
and collection services to a widely diversified client base. What sets
Summit apart from other collection agencies, is our commitment to
develop and understanding of each clients collection needs. Quality
collection performance can only be achieved by establishing a clear
understanding of a clients business and financial objectives.

Summit is aware of the importance of maintaining good
relationships with out clients customers/patients. Maintaining
goodwill and a positive public image, while pursuing account
collection, may seem to be difficult task. Our collection efforts are
designed to do just that.
Summit is committed to the ethical and professional handling of all
accounts by Collection Specialists, who are knowledgeable of
Summit's collection procedures and the changing regulations
governing collection practices, including the
Fair Debt Collection
Practices Act.

Our staffing objective is to hire the most qualified collection staff. We
offer a comprehensive training program to ensure our collectors
receive the best quality training. Summit Collection Specialists are
audited and tested on collection practices as well as State and
Federal collection laws.

Computer training classes cover all aspects of Summit's online
system. Our training program is supported by interaction with
computer terminals used in working client accounts. Formal
instruction by Summit management is an integral part of each
employee's training program. Summit's employee training program
includes the following subjects:

The education of our Collection Specialists is a priority at Summit.
Summit's continuing education program is supported through
periodic meetings and seminars to review current developments
and to enhance existing skills. Summit's hiring process and
comprehensive training program work together to ensure overall
excellence and professionalism of our collection team.
Our Services
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Description of Services
Employee Work Standards
Collection Methodology
Summit utilizes a number of customized collection notices to effect  
collections. Based on account's status, additional letters may
supplement the basic series.